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Master Disciple Stories

  1. Swami Rama
  2. Vivekananda fast & Ramakrishna
  3. Swami Vivekananda & Pavhari Baba
  4. Bulle Shah & His Master
  5. Maulingaputta & Gautam Buddha
  6. Ouspensky with Gurdjieff
  7. Swami Vivekananda & Ramakrishna

Bulleh Shah and His Master

Bulleh Shah was born in Syed family. Thus he was descendant of Prophet Mohammed. Bulleh Shah was well versed in many scriptures but what ever he knew from scriptures was not his personal experience. So Bulleh Shah was searching for a Guru. And when ever a seeker is ready, Guru appears. This is the rule of existence.

Bulleh shah had a deep desire to meet his Guru who can take him to other shore. He was doing many spiritual practices even before meeting guru and had some spiritual powers also. But his heart was not satisfied. His thirst for God was very deep and only real experience could have satisfied it.

One day he heard about one man Inayat Shah who had attained the Ultimate. Bulleh Shah belonged to a very rich family but this man was from very low caste family land. He was a Gardener.

When Bulleh Shah first time went to meet Inayat Shah, he was Planting an Onion crop. Inayat Shah's back was towards Bulleh Shah. Now Bulleh Shah didn’t had the courage to call the attention of Inayat Shah. Bulleh Shah saw there are many mango trees in front of Inayat Shah.

Bulleh Shah closed his eyes and remembered Allah for a minute. Mangoes started falling from the tree. When mangoes started falling Inayat Shah looked at falling mangoes and saw one man standing behind him.

Inayat Shah said “Oh you thief, why you are making these mangoes fall”
Bulleh Shah looked here and there but there was no one around. Bulleh shah said “if you are asking me then see, I don’t have any stone or stick in my hand. How can I make these mangoes fall”

Inayat Shah said “You are clever also. What do you want?”
Bulleh Shah said “I am searching for God” and he fell at Inayat Shah feet.
Inayat Shah said “Why you are falling below. Look upwards towards me.”
Bulleh shah looked towards Inayat Shah. And the way Inayat Shah looked at him. Seeing so much compassion and love in Inayat Shah eyes Bulleh shah fell in deep love with him.

Sahajo is one lady in whole spiritual history who has sang lot of songs in praise of Guru. But Bulleh Shah's love for his Guru was exceptional. Bulleh Shah's eyes were always thirsty for his Guru's Vision. His Love for his Guru was so intense that once his guru became angry with Bulleh Shah and asked him to leave his house immediately.

Now Bulleh Shah can was in terrible agony. Day and night he was thinking how to please his Guru. From some where he came to know that his guru loves dance. Just to please his Guru, Bulleh Shah learned dance from prostitutes and became a dancing Girl. Such was the intensity of his love for his Guru.