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Devotional Stories

  1. The Magic Bowl
  2. Innocent Prayer
  3. Lord Rama
  4. Devotion
  5. Michelangelo & Jesus
  6. Buddha & Yashodhara
  7. King Jayamal Devotion
  8. Sage Narada & Sannyasins


Osho on Devotion : Devotion is the refined quality of love. It has nothing to do with to whom. It is not a question of to whom it is addressed: Jehovah, God, Jesus, Buddha. It is not a question of it being addressed.

Devotion is a quality in your heart. You feel full of reverence for everything that is. You feel a great love for all that is. It is not a question of whether the person is worthy of it or not... because love is not a business. It is not a question of whether the other is worthy or not, the question is whether your heart is overflowing with love or not.  If it is overflowing it will reach to those who are worthy, it will reach to those who are un-worthy.It will not discriminate at all. The cloud is full, and it showers.

Do you think it showers on good people's forms only, and avoids bad people's forms? -- that it showers only on good Christians, good Hindus, good Jews, and it simply does not shower on the form of an atheist? It simply showers because it is so full. Devotion is overflowing love.