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Osho Sayings

   Osho Sayings and Quotes

  1. Nirvana is cessation of the ego -- and when the ego ceases, god enters; when the host is no more there, then the guest comes.
  2. Your mind is your misery, your mind is your bondage.
  3. Sannyas is desirelessness, and desirelessness means living in the now.
  4. When the master knocks at your door, then drop everything because nothing is more important than to know yourself, to be yourself and experience the great beautitude and the ecstasy that is your birthright.
  5. Religion is the science of how to find the forgotten language of ecstasy. Whenever you are in tune with existence, there is ecstasy, there is bliss, there is benediction.
  6. If you start living this very moment, here and now, misery disappears.
  7. The greatest miracle in the world is trust. But remember, I am not saying belief. Dictionaries go on confusing people. If you ask dictionaries what trust is, they will say that it is belief, it is faith. It is neither. Belief is always with a doubt hidden behind it. Faith is blind, not your own experience. But trust is your own experience. Once you have tasted the sweetness of trust, you don't need any religion and you don't need any prayer.
  8. Don't leave this world without making it a little more beautiful than you found it when you came into it.
  9. Enlightenment is not something that is going to come to you from somewhere else. Desire dropped, and you are a buddha. The only difference between you and a buddha is desire.
  10. Surrender simply means an understanding: Enough of this "I" -- now I drop it. The moment you drop "I", you have dropped the whole hypnosis that the society has forced you to go through. The moment you drop the ego, you have dropped the state, the religion, the church, the society, the parents, the school, the university, the civilization, the culture: you have dropped all conditioning. And then suddenly you will see an upsurge of tremendous bliss arising in you. It was there, waiting -- just remove the weight, and the spring can flow again.
  11. The ego cannot exist without a sea of suffering around it. The ego is like an island in a sea of suffering. You are enjoying your ego. You are continuously strengthening it, decorating it, making it more and more valuable. This is your choice. Once you see that the ego is deeply connected with suffering and without suffering it cannot exist, then if you don't want to suffer, you drop the ego, you forget all about the language of the ego. The language of the ego is the language of agony. And then things are very simple.
  12. Sannyas is nothing but an effort to create a mystery school where people can Support each other on the way. The journey is arduous and long, and the goal is far away and there are a thousand and one hazards on the way and pitfalls, and one can go astray any moment. And the higher you move, the more difficult it becomes. Even breathing becomes difficult. And the higher you move, the greater is the danger of falling. But if many are moving they can hold each other, they can support each other.




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