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Question - What part does Sex play in your Philosophy of Life?

Osho -  Nothing. I have spoken on sex because it plays so much significant role in all the religions of the world. They are all against sex. They are all repressive. They teach people to be against sex, against life, to renounce life, to renounce the pleasures of life. Because of them I had to speak that it is all nonsense and it is against nature.

Their whole teaching makes people perverted. A repressed sexually person is a perverted person and ninety percent of psychological insanity is created by sexual perversions. And they have made the whole humanity perverted. Homosexuals they have created. The homosexuals were created in the monasteries because you forced men to live separately from women, and women to live separately from men. Naturally the women became lesbians, men became homosexuals.

Osho on Sex and Life

All the religions of the world are responsible for homosexuality and the other perversions. Even because of a repressed mind people have made love to animals. And now the homosexuality has brought the world to the ultimate destructive disease AIDS. And all the religions are responsible for it.

I have spoken against repression because I want sex to be accepted, just as you accept everything else in life naturally -- sleep, eating, clothing, you don't make any fuss about it. But there are religions, for example Jainism believes that clothing is unspiritual. Now if you make clothing unspiritual then you will create trouble for many people. Even the Jainas themselves have never been able to go out of India, for the simple reason that the climate will not allow them to remain naked. And it is stupid, because their five thousand years of teaching and there are only twenty two naked monks in India. It cannot be called a great achievement, in five thousand years only twenty two people; and one dies and is never replaced because even in India in cold climate you need clothes. Perhaps in summer you may be able to live without clothes, but this is stupid. Why torture your body?

All the religions have been teaching about fasting. I am against. Either there are people who are teaching 'Eat, drink and be merry.'

There are thirty million Americans who are dying because of over-eating. Now these are idiots. And there are people who are teaching for fasting, 'Don't eat. The longer you fast the more spiritual you are.' I cannot conceive that to be hungry can in any way be synonymous with spirituality. If this is so then the whole world should be hungry. And it is good to be poor, and there is no need to destroy poverty, it is a spiritual phenomenon.

I have spoken against these things because all these religions have been teaching unnatural, inhuman, unpsychological principles to be lived by people. But as far as my philosophy is concerned, there is no question to be specially concerned with sex. It is a simple fact of life; there is nothing special in it. At the most it is fun. And after the pill it is nothing but fun.

Before the pill it was a dangerous game because you may have produced children and those children will prove a burden to you because they will make you poor. Now after the pill even that burden is removed. Before the pill the woman was a loser, because the women around the world were living simply as reproductive factories continuously producing children. Their whole life was wasted in producing children, bringing them up. They could not get educated, they could not get cultured, they could not understand literature, they could not understand great music or great philosophies. Nothing was available to them. Their only work was just to go on producing children.

The pill has changed the whole thing. It is the greatest revolution that has happened in the world. Now the woman is equal to man. What no other revolution could do the pill has done; it has made the woman equal to man. Now she is not in the danger of being pregnant unless she wants it. So sex is no more just a biological thing for reproducing children. It is simply a beautiful, loving game. If you don't like it, don't play it, but don't try to teach people that it is something unspiritual. It is neither spiritual nor unspiritual. It is just like any other game -- football or volley ball, or playing cards. It is just like that, nothing of any importance. So in my philosophy of life I do not give any importance to such things.

Source - Osho Book "The Last Testament, Vol5"

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