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Ribhu Gita Verses

  1. Ribhu Gita 1-5
  2. Ribhu Gita 6-10
  3. Ribhu Gita 1-15
  4. Ribhu Gita 16-20
  5. Ribhu Gita 21-25
  6. Ribhu Gita 26-30
  7. Ribhu Gita 31-35
  8. Ribhu Gita 36-40
  9. Ribhu Gita 41-45
  10. Heart of Ribhu Gita

Forty Verses on Reality

  1. Verses 1 - 8
  2. Verses 9 - 16
  3. Verses 17 - 24
  4. Verses 25 - 32
  5. Verses 33 - 40

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       Ribhu Gita Verse 36-40
  1. Abide as That which is the absolutely pure Supreme Being, absolute Bliss, the supremely subtle Being, the Self-Effulgent, non-dual and undifferentiated One - and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

  2. Abide as That which is absolute Truth, supreme Tranquility, eternal Being, absolutely attributeless, the Self, the absolutely undifferentiated Supreme Being - and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

  3. Abide as That which is everything from the experiential point of view and nothing from the absolute point of view, Existence - Consciousness-Bliss, always tranquil, with nothing separate from It, the self-existent Being -and with the conviction that you are That be always happy.

  4. I have thus, O Nidagha, clearly explained to you the state of being one with the Supreme Being. By constantly thinking that you are the undifferentiated Supreme Being you can attain that state and enjoy constant bliss. There after, having become the Supreme Absolute Reality, you will never experience the misery that comes from identification with birth and death.

  5. “Everything is the Supreme Being, which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, and I am That” By constantly cultivating this pure thought, get rid of impure thoughts. Then, my son, discarding even that thought and always inhering in the State of Fullness, you will become the non-dual and undifferentiated Supreme Being and attain liberation.