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Ribhu Gita Verses

  1. Ribhu Gita 1-5
  2. Ribhu Gita 6-10
  3. Ribhu Gita 1-15
  4. Ribhu Gita 16-20
  5. Ribhu Gita 21-25
  6. Ribhu Gita 26-30
  7. Ribhu Gita 31-35
  8. Ribhu Gita 36-40
  9. Ribhu Gita 41-45
  10. Heart of Ribhu Gita

Forty Verses on Reality

  1. Verses 1 - 8
  2. Verses 9 - 16
  3. Verses 17 - 24
  4. Verses 25 - 32
  5. Verses 33 - 40

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The Heart of the Ribhu Gita

This Ribhu Gita is an ancient text. It means literally, “Ribhu’s Song,” and is Part Six of the Shiva Rahasya, a legendary mystical text in India.  The whole of the Ribhu Gita is said to represent the teaching given to the Sage Ribhu by God Himself in the form of Lord Shiva, the formless aspect of the Divine Activity in whom all beings and things are always already absorbed. The Sage in turn gave the teaching to his reluctant disciple Nidagha.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi attributed unique value to it as being a lucid exposition of Supreme Truth. He quite often referred to it in his talks with devotees and seekers. He even stated that if one would repeatedly study Chapter 26 of the Ribhu Gita one could spontaneously pass into the state of sahaja samadhi, or the natural state of true Self-realization.

This passage consists of six verses selected by Sri Bhagavan from the whole text of the original work, which together represents a summation of its central teaching.  It also contains a humorous narrative Sri Bhagavan once told to his devotees about the Sage Ribhu and his disciple Nidagha. Although it a humorous tale, it is like one of Jesus’ parables, in that it discloses the Highest or Supreme Truth.  


Heart of Ribhu Gita