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Gautam Buddha Dhammapada Teachings - The Dark

One man denies the truth.
Another denies his own actions.
Both go into the dark.
And in the next world suffer
For they offend truth.

Wear the yellow robe.
But if you are reckless
You will fall into darkness.

If you are reckless,
Better to swallow molten iron
Than eat at the table of the good folk.

If you court another man's wife
You court trouble.
Your sleep is broken.
You lose our honour.
You fall into darkness.
You go against the law,
You go into the dark.

Your pleasures end in fear
And the king's punishment is harsh.
But as a blade of grass held awkwardly
May cut your hand,
So renunciation may lead you into the dark.

For if in your renunciation
You are reckless and break your word,
If your purpose wavers,
You will not find the light.

Do what you have to do
Resolutely, with all your heart.
The traveller who hesitates
Only raises dust on the road.

It is better to do nothing
Than to do what is wrong.
For whatever you do, you do to yourself.

Like a border town well guarded,
Guard yourself within and without.
Let not a single moment pass
Lest you fall into darkness.

Feel shame only where shame is due.
Fear only what is fearful.
See evil only in what is evil.
Lest you mistake the true way
And fall into darkness.

See what is.
See what is not.
Follow the true way.


Gautam Buddha stone statue in Pakistan




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