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Osho on Sudhana Enlightenment

Osho : The story is that Sudhana was learning with many teachers, many techniques of meditation. And then he came in contact with an enlightened master, Maitreya.

As he touched Maitreya's feet and Maitreya looked at him, Maitreya snapped his fingers -- and something strange happened. Sudhana simply became silent. He had never been in such a space, even though he had been practicing meditation, had been living with many teachers.

Just this finger-snap ... Perhaps he was just on the verge. It can happen. Just a little push, it can be anything. Just as he was rising from touching his feet and Maitreya snapped his fingers, he may have looked at Maitreya -- what is he doing? For a moment he forgot his mind, all his thoughts, all his meditations. For a moment there was a gap, and that gap opened the doors of eternity.

It can be anything. If a person is just on the verge, then a man who understands and can see inside you, and can see that you are just on the verge ... a little push, and you will have moved into a totally new dimension.

This simple gesture, a finger-snap, and Sudhana became enlightened. He had come to ask many questions, but all questions were finished. He had just touched the feet of Maitreya as a newcomer -- and after this small gesture, he had to touch the feet of Maitreya again, just to thank him. Not a single word was said by Maitreya, not a single word was said by Sudhana ... and everything happened.

When Sudhana left, Maitreya said to his other disciples, "Look, you are working so hard, and I have been beating you so hard ..." And he told them that
Gautam Buddha was right when he said that there are a few men who are like the horses which will not move unless you beat them really hard, and there are a few men who are like a different kind of horse -- just a little hit by your feet is enough for them to move. And there are horses which don't need even that; just the shadow of your whip will be enough.

"I have heard it," Maitreya said, "but for the first time I have seen a man who belongs to the third category of horses. Just the shadow of the whip, not even the whip, and he has moved into the other world."

Source: " The Great Zen Master Ta Hui " - Osho

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