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Enlightenment on path of  Surrender - Zen Master Hui-Hai Enlightenment

Osho : Hui-Hai was a Zen Master. When he had come to his Teacher, the Teacher said, ”Choose! Would you like methods of will? Then I will suggest something to you. Or, are you ready to surrender? If you choose the path of will, then you will have to do something. I can only be a guide.”

On the path of will, there are only guides. There are not really Gurus, Masters. There are simply guides. They instruct you; you have to do everything. They cannot do.

So the Teacher said, ”If you want to proceed on the path of will, then I will be your guide. I will give you instructions and techniques; then you will have to do everything. If you choose surrender, then you have not to do anything. I will do it all. Then you have just to be a shadow to me, just follow me. Then no doubts, no questioning; then no inquiry. Whatsoever I say you do.”

Hui-Hai chose the path of surrender. He surrendered himself to his Teacher. Three yeas passed. He would sit by his Teacher’s side. Sometimes the Teacher would look at him and would go on looking at him, continuously looking at him. The look was so penetrating and so deep that it would haunt Hui-Hai. When he was not even with his Teacher, the look would follow him. He would sleep, but the eyes would be with him, the Teacher would be looking at him. He couldn’t even dream because the Teacher was there.

For three years continuously he would sit by his Teacher’s side, and suddenly the Teacher would look at him and penetrate, and his eyes would go deep. Those eyes became a part of his being. He could not be angry, he could not be sexual – those eyes would be present there. He would be haunted. The Guru was there. He was always in his presence. Then after three years, the Guru, for the first time, laughed. He looked at him and laughed, and then a new haunting began.

Then he would hear the laughter. And even in sleep, suddenly he would hear the laughter and he would begin to tremble. For the three years again, the Guru would suddenly look at him and laugh, and that was all. This continued for three years, that is for six years altogether. Then suddenly one day, after six years the Guru touched his hand. He would look in his eyes, take his hand in his hands, and Hui-Hai would feel the Guru’s energy flowing in him. He became just a vehicle, a vessel.

He would feel the warmth, the energy, the electricity, everything flowing in him. It was impossible to sleep because the Teacher was there. And every time, every moment, something was flowing. Then, after another three years – that is, after nine years altogether – the Guru embraced him. And Hui-Hai has written that with that day the haunting ceased. There was no Hui-Hai: there was only the Teacher. That’s why the haunting ceased. Three more years passed – that is, twelve years – and one day the Teacher touched Hui-Hai’s feet.

That day the Teacher also disappeared, but Hui-0Hai became an Enlightened man. many would ask him later on, ”How did you gain it?” He would say, ”I cannot say. I only surrendered. Then everything was done by him, and I do not know what happened!”

When you surrender yourself, you can surrender only the conscious mind, not the unconscious. You don’t know about it, so how can you surrender it? If I tell you to surrender your money, you can only surrender that money which you know you have. How can you surrender that money that is hidden in a treasure which you don’t know that you have? So only the conscious part of the mind can be surrendered, and the conscious mind is the barrier.

If I say something to you, the conscious mind begins to think whether it is right or wrong, true or false. And even if it is true, it begins to wonder, ”What is the purpose of this man saying it? What does he want from me?” Many things, many questions, many doubts will come, and the conscious mind creates a resistance. If you know anything about hypnosis, then you must have come to know and feel that in hypnosis the person who is hypnotized will do anything if ordered – anything, any absurd thing.

Why? In the hypnotic state the conscious mind is asleep. Only the unconscious is there. The barrier has been broken. In hypnosis your conscious mind has gone to sleep it is not there. So in hypnosis, if you are a man and I say, ”You are a woman,” you will behave like a woman. You will walk like a woman; you will be shy; your movement will become more graceful, more womanly; your voice will change.

What happens? The conscious mind which can create doubt – which will say, ”What nonsense you are telling me! I am a man, not a woman” – is asleep. And the unconscious has no doubts. The unconscious is absolutely faithful. It has absolute faith, trust. There is no logic in the unconscious. It cannot resist, so whatsoever is said is believed. There is no problem. That’s why so much emphasis is placed on faith – shraddha. Faith is of the path of surrender; it belongs to the path of surrender.

Whatsoever is said is believed on the path of surrender. It is day, and the Teacher says it is night – believe it! Why? Because this believing will break the habit of questioning, resistance. Ultimately it will destroy the so-called barrier of your conscious mind. And when the conscious mind is not there, the Teacher and you become one. Then you can work – not before that. Then it is a telepathic relationship. You are in a deep communion. So whatsoever the Guru thinks becomes a part of you. Now, whatsoever he wants to do, he can do it. You have become just totally receptive to him.

Now there is not a fight between the Teacher and the disciple; otherwise it is a fight. There is a communion, a deep meeting. So Hui-Hai said, ”I do not know. I simply surrendered; that is what I did. The only thing I did was this. I said to myself that I have tried and I have struggled, and I have not found any bliss. It may be that I am the cause of all my misery. If I choose the path of will, again I will be choosing, again I will be practising, again I will be there. Whatsoever the result may be, I will be present in it.

And if I am the misery – and I have tried everywhere and I have done everything – it is better to drop myself and see what happens. So I told my Teacher that I would surrender, and after that I simply waited for twelve years. I don’t know what he was doing, but many things were happening. I was transforming – I was being transformed and changed.”

Source: from book "The Ultimate Alchemy, Volume 1" by Osho

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