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Osho Sufi Stories

  1. Be Indifferent
  2. There is no Goal
  3. Charity is Sharing
  4. Path towards God
  5. Rabia al-Adawiyya
  6. Sufi Mystic Bayazid
  7. Osho on Judgement
  8. Osho on Laila Majnu
  9. Osho on Attachment
  10. Sufi Rabia on Miracles
  11. Sufi Moinuddin Chishti
  12. Identification is Misery
  13. How to Stop Mad Mind
  14. Sufi Rabiya and Hassan
  15. Master is Always There
  16. Mulla Nasruddin wisdom
  17. This World is only a caravanserai
  18. Rabiya and Hassan Story

Osho - Only fools are interested in miracles.

Another story...

One day Hassan, a Sufi mystic, went to Rabiya, the great Sufi woman. He had just learned how to walk on water, so he told Rabiya, "Let us go and walk on water and have a little spiritual discourse, discussion." That spiritual discussion was just an excuse; he wanted to show Rabiya that he could walk on the water.

Rabiya said, "On the water? That does not appeal to me. Let us go to the clouds! We will sit on the clouds and have spiritual discourse."

Hassan said, "But I don't know how to go to the clouds and sit on the clouds."

Rabiya said, "Neither do I! But what is the point? Why can't we have a religious discourse here? Why go to the water or to the clouds?"

All great mystics have been against miracles, and all fools are interested in miracles.

Source - Osho Book "The Guest"