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Mythological Stories

  1. Lord Vitthal
  2. Story of Jacob
  3. Lord Brahma in love
  4. Churning of the Ocean
  5. Earth on back of a Turtle




Lord Brahma fell in love with his daughter Rohini

In Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma is the creator of this Universe, Lord Vishnu is the Sustainer of this Universe and Lord Shiva is the destroyer.

Lord Brahma had twenty seven daughters. Once it happened that Lord Brahma fell in love with one of his daughter - Rohini. (Lord Brahma is in a very funny situation. As he is the is the creator of this universe, so every woman is his daughter)

Obsessed with the desire to have sex with his daughter Rohini, Lord Brahma started Chasing her. Helplessly Rohini was running and crying in help. In the end Lord Shiva ‘the Destroyer’ heard her voice and saved Rohini by firing an arrow at Lord Brahma.

As Lord Brahma is creator of its universe so we are creator of our own desires. We give energy to our desires and when we are obsessed with the desire, we put every effort to fulfill it. But ultimately all of our desires lead us to frustration and anguish. This is Existence compassion that none of our desire is fulfilled otherwise who will strive for the inner journey.