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Mythological Stories

  1. Lord Vitthal
  2. Story of Jacob
  3. Lord Brahma in love
  4. Churning of the Ocean
  5. Earth on back of a Turtle





Earth is supported on the back of a Turtle 

In Hindu Mythology it is believed that “Earth is supported on the back of Turtle”.

There are Ten directions like East, West, North, South as per Vaastu Shastra. But there is one more 11th direction and very rarely some one travels in that direction. This 11th direction is inwards, towards our own Source.

There are few people who have traveled on the inner journey like Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Osho, Mohammed, Moses etc.

Those who have traveled inwards and found the bliss have always shared their Bliss and wisdom with us. Their wisdom have always directed the humanity on right path and saved it from disaster.

Ultimately all of us have to move inwards but most of time our energy is moves outwards. We feel ‘Other’ is the cause of our suffering as well as happiness. When the Turtle is in Danger it moves its body inwards to make a shell which is an excellent protection for him.

Similarly we Pray to God or we go to Saints only when we are in trouble and they always Guide us and protect us. Symbolically Sages are being compared with the Turtle and it is being conveyed that because of sages still there is truth alive in this world.