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Osho on Watching Psychic Energies


Osho on Watching Psychic Energies

Question : Can the psychic aberration of the mind be controlled? Can the wanderings of the psychic mind be controlled? I find it difficult...

Osho - It is always better to watch rather than control. If you control something you will have to control it forever. It will become a constant tension in you. You will have to remain on guard, because if you relax the control will be gone. Control is not right and control is a conflict.

Those psychic energies are your energies; if you control them you will have to fight with them. If you control them they will start rebelling against you; they will give a good fight to you. And by control you can never overcome them. They will always be there repressed, and whenever the opportunity arises, whenever you are not on guard, they will assert themselves.

Control is not the right way to encounter one's energies. The right way is to watch them and give them freedom. Let the mind go wherever it wants; let the energies move wherever they move.

You remain centered in your watching, you remain unconcerned -- just a pure witness, just like a mirror, reflecting: whatsoever is happening is good. Then slowly slowly as the watcher becomes stronger it starts absorbing the energies. Then energies are not available for psychic wandering, and those wanderings start stopping on their own accord.

When the watcher is totally into it, all wanderings simply disappear; and that is real control. Without controlling it is controlling, without repression you are the master. And then you need not be on guard; you can be absolutely relaxed because you have nothing to be afraid of.

My approach is: through witnessing absorb the energy rather than through control, fight. Fight is not right, never right: it dissipates energy; it creates division, it makes you split.

So insist on being aware, that's all. Don't judge what is wrong and what is right; don't judge whether the psychic wandering is good or bad. Let it be as it is. Simply remain in deep acceptance that whatsoever is, is good, and through that acceptance a transformation happens and a real mastery arises.

Nobody is defeated and yet you are victorious. That is the real art. Controlling, repressing, fighting is simply stupid. It leads nowhere. It only leads into neurosis, into schizophrenia -- beware of it. The very idea has to be dropped. 

Source: From Osho Book “Just Around the Corner”

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