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Osho on Abuse of Psychic Energy through Eyes

Question - It is observed that the practitioners of Psychic Sciences possess tense and fearful eyes. Explain what this indicates and how to overcome this phenomenon.

Osho - Those who practice hypnotism, mesmerism, magnetism, or things like this, will have very tense eyes -- obviously, because they are trying to move their energy through the eyes forcibly. They are bringing their total energy near the eyes just to influence, impress or dominate someone.

Their eyes will become tense because then their eyes are flooded with energy, more than they can tolerate. Their eyes will be red, tense, and if you look at them you will feel a sudden shivering: they are using their eyes in a very political way. If they look at you, they are sending their energy to dominate you. And through eyes, domination is very easy.

This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.

You can have those eyes also; it is not difficult. You have just to learn how to bring your total body energy to the eyes. They become flooded, and then, whenever you look at someone your energy starts flowing toward him. It envelopes the person, penetrates his mind, and in this flooded shock his thinking stops. And this is not a very rare thing that happens just with man, it happens all over the animal kingdom. There are many animals who will just look at their prey, and if the prey looks at them he is done for. Then the prey's eyes become fixed; he cannot move, he cannot escape.

Osho on Abuse of Psychic Energy through Eyes

Hunters know this well, and hunters develop very powerful eyes because they are always in search in the darkness for animals. Their eyes become powerful. Thieves and hunters by and by gather more energy in their eyes automatically, because of their work.

Suddenly a lion comes before a hunter, and he is without weapons and he cannot do anything. Then this is what has been done always: the hunter can stare into the eyes of the lion, and now it will depend on whether he has more magnetic eyes or the lion. If the lion is less magnetic and the hunter can bring his total energy to his eyes...

And it is easy, he can do this, because when death is there one can do anything. When death is there the hunter can put his total energy at stake. If the hunter can look directly into the eyes of the lion and forget everything and just look, if he can just become the look, then the whole energy will move from his eyes and the lion will escape. He will be trembling with fear.

Through the eyes you can cause your whole energy to flood out, but when you do that your eyes will be tense: you will not be able to sleep, you will not be able to relax. So all those who are trying to dominate others will be restless. If you look at their faces their eyes will be alive, but their faces will be dead. Look at any hypnotist: his eyes will be very much alive, but his face will be dead, because his eyes are sucking the whole energy and nothing is left anywhere else.

Do not do this because it is useless to dominate anyone. The only useful thing is to dominate yourself. It is useless, a wastage of your energy. Nothing is achieved through it -- just an egoistic feeling that you can dominate. So this is evil, a black art. That is the difference between black magic and white magic. Black magic means using your energy, wasting it, in dominating others. White magic means using the same methods, but using your energy in dominating your own life, becoming a master of yourself.

And remember, sometimes similarities happen... If a Buddha moves amongst you, you will be dominated by him, although he is not dominating you. He is not trying to dominate you, but you will be dominated because he is the master of himself. And he is such a master that all around him whosoever moves will become a slave. But there is no conscious effort on his part. Rather, on the contrary, he will continually insist, "Be your own master -- remember this." And this insistence is because of this knowledge.

Buddha knows that whosoever comes around him will become a slave. He is not doing anything; he is not trying to dominate anyone, but he knows this will happen. His last dying words were, "Be a lamp unto yourself." He was dying, and Ananda asked him, just a day before his actual death, "When you will be no more, what shall we do?" He said, "It is good that I shall be no more. Then you can be your own master. Be a lamp unto yourself; forget me. It is good, because when I am no more you will be freed from my domination."

Those who try to dominate others will try in every way to make a slave of you. That is evil, satanic. Those who become their own masters will help you to become masters, and they will try in every way to cut their influence. That can be done in many ways.

For example, I will tell a more recent incident. Ouspensky, the chief disciple of Gurdjieff, was working under Gurdjieff for ten years. It was very difficult to work under Gurdjieff. He was a man of infinite magnetism. Whosoever would come around him would be pulled.

With such people, either you are pulled or you become afraid and go against them, but you cannot remain indifferent. You are either for or against; you cannot be indifferent to such people. And that going against is just a safety measure. If you come around a person who is magnetic, either you will become a slave to him or, just to protect yourself, you will become an enemy, because that is a protection.

Ouspensky came to him, stayed with him, worked with him, and there was no theoretical knowledge to be imparted. He was a man of action. He would give techniques, and one had to work. Then Ouspensky achieved a certain crystallization. He became an integrated man; he was transformed. He was not fully enlightened yet, but he was not fast asleep as we are. He was in between, just on the verge.

When you feel that the morning is near, when you start listening to the noises which indicate morning is near, you are asleep, but not totally asleep. The sleep is just on the verge of going. You are not yet awake, you may again fall into a sleep. You are just on the surface, just near awakening.

And when Ouspensky was just near awakening, he was thinking that now Gurdjieff will help him more because this was the moment. But suddenly Gurdjieff started behaving in such a strange way that Ouspensky had to leave. He started up in such strange ways with him, did such absurd things, contradictory, nonsensical -- on the surface -- that Ouspensky had to leave him on his own account.

Gurdjieff never told him to leave. On his own account he left him, went against him, said that he had gone mad. He started teaching, and he always said, "I am teaching according to Gurdjieff, my teacher, but now he is mad." He would say, "According to the early Gurdjieff..." He would not talk about the later Gurdjieff.

But the basic reason why Gurdjieff did this is deep compassion. That was the moment when Ouspensky had to be left alone; otherwise he would have become a constant dependent. The moment came when he had to be thrown out, and in such a way that he would never become aware that he had been thrown out consciously.

Such persons like Buddha or Gurdjieff will affect you without their conscious effort and you will be pulled toward them. But they will try in every way that you are not pulled in that way: that you are not attracted hypnotically, that you are not dominated by them. And they will help to make you masters, standing on your own feet.

Those who are trying to dominate others, their eyes will be tense, evilish. You will not feel any innocence in their eyes, you will not feel purity in their eyes. You will feel attraction, but the attraction will be like alcohol. You will feel a magnetic pull, but the pull will be not to free you but to enslave you.

Remember, never use any energy to dominate anyone. Because of this, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, they made it a point, and they went on hammering, that the moment you enter the spiritual search, be filled with love for everyone, even for your enemy -- because if you are filled with love you will not be attracted to the inner violence which wants to dominate.

Only love can become an antidote. Otherwise when the energy comes to you and you are overfilled with it, you will start dominating. This happens every day. I have come across many, many people... I start helping them, they will grow a little, and the moment they feel that a certain energy is coming to them they will start dominating others, they will try now to use it.

Remember, never use spiritual energy to dominate. You are wasting your efforts. Sooner or later you will be empty again, and you will fall down suddenly. And this is pure wastage, but it is very difficult to control it because you become aware that now you can do certain things. If you touch someone who was ill and he becomes okay, how can you resist touching others now? How can you resist?

If you cannot resist, you will waste your energy. Something has happened to you, but soon you will throw it away unnecessarily. And really, the mind is so cunning that you may be thinking that you are helping others by healing them. That may be just a cunning trick of the mind, because if you have no love, how can you be so concerned with others' diseases, their illnesses, their health? You are not concerned. Really, now this is a power. If you can heal, you can dominate them.

You may say, "I am just helping them," but even in your help you are simply trying to dominate them. Your ego will be fulfilled. This will become a food for your ego. So all the old treatises say beware. They say beware because when the energy comes to you, you are at a dangerous point. You can waste it, you can throw it away. When you feel any energy, make it a secret; do not allow anyone to know about it.

Jesus said, "If your right hand is doing something, do not allow the left hand to know about it." In the Sufi mystic tradition, they say when energy starts coming, do not even pray before others, do not go to a mosque with others. Why? When the energy comes and someone is praying, and there are many persons present, they will feel immediately that something is happening. So the Sufis say that then you should do your prayers deep in the night -- at midnight -- when everyone is asleep and no one can be aware of what is happening to you. Do not tell anyone what is happening to you.

But the mind is just a chattering box. If something happens, immediately you will go and spread the good news that something has happened to you. Then you have wasted it. And if people are impressed, then all you have gained is their good opinion and nothing else. This is not a good bargain. Wait! A moment will come when your energy becomes accumulated; it reaches a point where it becomes integrated, transformed. Then things will happen around you without your doing anything. And only then can you help others to be their own masters -- when you are your own master.

I remember one Sufi mystic, Junnaid. One day a man came to him and he said, "Junnaid, master, great master, I have come to know your inner secret. People say you have a golden secret and that you have not told it to anyone until now. I will do anything you say, but tell me the secret." Junnaid said, "I have been keeping it, hiding it, for thirty years, so how much time can you wait? You will have to go through a preparation. It is a thirty-year secret but I will tell it to you. But for how much time will you keep patient?"

The man became afraid, scared. He said, "How long do you suggest?" Junnaid said, "At least thirty years. It is not too much, I am not asking too much."

The man said, "Thirty years? I will think it over." Junnaid said, "Then if you come back again, I will not be ready to give it to you in thirty years. Remember, if you decide just now, then okay. Otherwise I will also have to think." So the man agreed.

It is said that he remained for thirty years with Junnaid. Then the last day came, and he went to Junnaid and said to him, "Now communicate your secret." Junnaid said, "I will give it to you on one condition: that you will keep it a secret. You are not to tell it to anyone. This secret must die with you, unknown."

The man said, "Why have you wasted my whole life? Thirty years I was waiting for the secret just to tell others, and now there is a condition! Then what is the use of knowing it if I cannot tell it to others? If you make this condition, then please do not tell it to me; otherwise it will haunt me, I will know something which I cannot tell to others. So be kind enough and do not tell it to me. You have wasted my thirty years. A little life is left, so let me live it relaxedly. This will be too much, knowing something without telling it to others."

Whatsoever you gain through any spiritual method, let it remain secret. Do not go on spreading it, do not try to use it in any way. Let it remain unused, pure. Only then will it be used for inner transformation. If you use it outwardly, it is a wastage.

Source: from Osho Book “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1”

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