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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi



Osho - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is cheating

Osho - The West is unnecessarily making tremendous effort in analyzing the mind -- utterly useless unless they accept a transcendental state. And that's why again and again they get cheated by frauds.

For example, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is cheating the whole of the West by any stupid thing. First it was transcendental meditation, then people became fed up with it because it was not meditation; it was mind repeating a mantra. You were not going beyond the mind, so what is transcendental in it?

So his earnings became very low; he had to invent something new. So he has invented spiritual yogic flying. First he started by spiritual levitation: you can meditate and become so light that you will start rising upwards! -- and you can find idiots everywhere... And people were paying four hundred dollars for learning spiritual levitation. In the first place what are you going to do by... even if you levitate, what purpose is going to be served by it? In the second place nobody was levitating; people were hopping.

Trick photography was being used and spread. People were shown to have levitated, and they had levitated with their mattress also -- that was strange. The mattress also has become yogic, spiritual...!

He was continually asked, "Give a public demonstration of your levitation" -- and he could not. A case was brought in the Supreme Court of America by seven of his own disciples, who had been working hard on levitation and found that it was absolute nonsense -- they were just hopping! So they had brought a case against him, demanding ninety million dollars. He has been cheating the whole world, and he has accumulated tremendous money.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dropped that idea because he could not give a public demonstration. He came with a new idea, and this new idea is yogic flying -- even greater. And what is the purpose of yogic flying? -- if one person can learn to fly, then ninety-nine persons in the world will become meditative and silent and peaceful.

A big business, because it means for five billion people to become peaceful -- no war, no conflict, just blissfulness -- millions of people will have to learn yogic flying. Again, he was aware that he would be asked to give a public demonstration. He has given one demonstration in Europe, and now another is planned in America soon. And what people saw was, it was the same hopping, but now it is hopping not only in one place, you go on hopping...

Every frog knows it! And it is so stupid that people are paying millions of dollars to learn what the frogs know without any difficulty. They are giving public demonstrations and they don't even see that they are being absolutely stupid. A few have become so expert that now there are hurdle races; small hurdles are places and they hop over the hurdles. They are great spiritual people.

But I don't see the connection. Even if they can hop, and go on crossing the hurdles, in what way is this going to create peace in the world...? Nor can it create peace in the person who is hopping. It will create more retardedness in him. The very idea that he has accepted this stupid thing shows that he has no intelligence at all. And what peace, how can peace be attained by these kinds of things?

He is now proposing to the world that if millions -- he has calculated exactly how many millions of people are needed to learn hopping to prevent the third world war.

I don't believe that man is so stupid that he gets caught by such frauds. People are learning. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has opened an academy in Switzerland where thousands of people are learning hopping.

The West is being exploited by all kinds of frauds for the simple reason that the West has not looked into the matter of meditation itself. So any idiot goes and says anything, and gathers followers because they don't know what meditation is. Neither will chanting a mantra nor hopping nor levitation...

These things have nothing to do with meditation. Meditation has only one meaning, and that is going beyond the mind and becoming a witness. In your witnessing is the miracle -- the whole mystery of life.


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