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Osho on Gopi Krishna Kundalini Views on Kundalini and real Truth

Question  - Why dont I have any other question than this one? I am not enlightened so I feel my mind is becoming Dull
Osho - It is just the other way round. Your mind is dull that's why you are not getting enlightened! Now you are putting things in completely the wrong sequence. Don't wait for enlightenment to come and don't hope that when enlightenment comes then you will be intelligent.

It will never come. Intelligence is the first requirement for it to happen at all. Intelligence is the preparation for it. Be intelligent. Behave intelligently. Live intelligently. Otherwise enlightenment is not going to happen at all. If you are hoping that one day enlightenment will come and then you will be intelligent, a genius, you are wrong.

There are a few people who go on saying nonsense things like this. One of them is old Pundit Gopi Krishna. He thinks that when kundalini arises one becomes a genius, one becomes tremendously intelligent. This is not true. If you are tre-mendously intelligent only then does your kundalini arise. otherwise not. If Gopi Krishna is right, it means that a dull-head, a stupid person, can make his kundalini rise and can become intelligent. That is impossible.

To help your energy rise and soar high you will need tremendous intelligence, sharp intelligence. Otherwise you will not be able to bring your energy up so high. A stupid person cannot do that. Enlightenment, nirvana, moksha, liberation, the arousal of your kundalini whatsoever the name -- are just names, symbolic. But one thing is certain: intelligence has to precede them. You cannot afford to be stupid and hope that someday something will happen and you will become enlightened. Then you are hoping in vain. You will have to create intelligence.

How to create intelligence? First become more and more alert in small things. Walking along the road, become more alert, try to be more alert. For such a simple process walking along the road -- you need not have any alertness. You can remain stupid and walk well. That's what everyone is doing. The stupidity does not hinder you at all. Start from small things. Taking your bath, be alert; standing under the shower, become very alert. That cold water falling on you, the body enjoying it... become alert, become conscious of what is happening, be relaxed yet conscious.

And this moment of consciousness has to be brought in again and again, in a thousand and one ways: eating, talking, meeting a friend, listening to me, meditating, making love. In all situations try to become more and more alert. It is hard, it is certainly difficult, but it is not impossible. Slowly, slowly, the dust will disappear and your mirror-like consciousness will reveal itself; you will become more intelligent.

Then live intelligently. You live in such a confused way, in such a stupid way, that if you see somebody else living that way you will immediately say that he is stupid. But you are doing the same, although somehow one manages not to look at one's own life.

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