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Question - You are also against Mother Teresa of calcutta, But who will take care of the poor, the sick, the orphans and the starving people?

Osho - How long has Mother Teresa been there? And who was taking care of all these people before her? And how long is she going to stay alive? Who will take care of these people after her? Rather than depending on Mother Teresas, why don't you stop creating orphans, so there is no need for any Mother Teresa?

What is the need to create orphans when the pill is there? Anybody can distribute the pill to people. Orphans can be prevented... But Mother Teresa would not like orphans to be prevented.

It happened that one American couple went to Mother Teresa's place in Calcutta. They wanted to adopt a child. They had no children of their own. The clerk, the receptionist said, "We have seven hundred children. You can choose. You just sit down and fill in the form." They filled in the form. The clerk looked at the form and he said, "You wait here. I will come back soon."

He went inside; he never came back. Somebody else came back and said, "Forgive us. Right now we don't have any children."

The couple were puzzled. Just a few minutes before there were seven hundred children, and now they don't have any children. He said, "What happened?"
The man said, "I don't know anything. I know only one thing, that I have been sent to tell you that right now we don't have any children to give to you."

The reason was that in the form he had just filled in he said he was a Protestant Christian. If he had been a Catholic, then there were seven hundred children! He wrote a letter to THE TIMES OF INDIA, and I publicly criticized Mother Teresa. She wrote me a letter explaining why the man was refused. She tried to explain that the man was refused "because we give the children only to those families where their upbringing will not create any conflict."

I wrote back saying, "Then those children should be given back to Hindus, Mohammedans and not to Christians. What right have you got to give them to Catholics? In the first place you should not give them any Catholic preaching. You don't have their consent. They can give you consent only when they are at least twenty-one years of age. You are committing a crime against small babies. It is unforgivable."
She was very angry. She wrote to me, "I don't want to discuss the matter, but I will pray to God to forgive you."

I wrote her my last letter. I said, "This is my last letter, to inform you, firstly, that there is no God -- so please don't waste your time in praying. Secondly, without asking my permission, who are you to pray for me? This is interference into my very spirituality. I will sue you in the court!"

These people... Now she has opened an AIDS home in New York. These people are responsible for AIDS; they have created it. This is not service, this is simply punishment. The Vatican should be turned into an AIDS camp. All their monasteries should now be AIDS camps -- because they have created it, and they should take the responsibility for it.

This is not service to humanity, this is simply repentance. It will be good if they do it as quickly as possible; otherwise I am going to tell the homosexuals, from all over the world, "Move towards the Vatican. That is your home."

Source - Osho Book "Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries"

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