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Osho - Poor cannot be helped the way Mother Teresa is helping

Osho - These people like Mother Teresa, who have been helping the poor for centuries, are really the causes for continuing poverty. The poor cannot be helped the way Mother Teresa is helping. This is not help. This is politics, because all those orphans she helps are transformed, converted into Catholic Christianity. In fact, Mother Teresa would be out of a job if there were no orphans in. India. She needs more orphans. That's why they are all against birth control methods, against abortion. Otherwise, where are you going to get orphans? They need the poor, because without the poor whom are you going to serve?

And without service you cannot reach heaven. This is a simple strategy to reach heaven. I love one story: It happened in China that a man fell into a well. It was the annual fair and there was so much noise that nobody took any note that he was shouting, "Save me!" A Buddhist monk passed by. He looked into the well and told the man that there was no need to cry and scream. "Accept whatsoever is the case, be contented. In the next life you will be fulfilled a thousandfold." The man said, "I am not here to listen to philosophy. I am dying and you are talking philosophy. First, please help me to get out."

The Buddhist said, "That is against my religion, to interfere into the actions and the consequences of somebody else. You must have committed some sin in your past life. You have fallen into the well. Be happy that your sin is finished, your punishment is over. But I am not going to take you out, because tomorrow if you murder somebody then I will also be responsible for it. I am not going to be responsible for any murder." And he went away. The man could not believe it: "These Buddhists talk about compassion. I am dying and he talks philosophy. I am not in a state even to understand what he is saying."

And just after him came a Confucian monk. In the old days in China the wells had no walls surrounding them, so it was very easy to fall into them in the darkness, there was no preventive measure. The Confucian monk said, "Listen, you are the proof of what my master has said. My master has said that every well should have walls around it. Don't be worried. I am going to create a great revolution in the whole country, so that every well is well protected." The man said, "But when will the revolution happen? And when will all the wells have walls? By that time I will be gone."

The Confucian said, "You are not the question. Individuals come and go. It is a question for the whole society. We cannot bother about a single individual, we think in terms of the whole civilization." And he went away to create revolution.

And then came a Christian monk with a bag hanging on his shoulder. He took out a rope from the bag, threw it in, took the man out. The man was immensely grateful, fell at his feet and said, "You are the only religious man. But tell me how you guessed that somebody has fallen into the well. And you came with the rope... why are you carrying the rope?" He said, "We carry everything in this bag for emergency purposes, anywhere. Somebody will need to be served, and our lord Jesus Christ has said that those who serve will receive immense rewards in heaven."

Now, think of a world where nobody is in need of anybody's service; everybody is happy, healthy, comfortable, luxurious. What will happen to the great Christian servants and saints? They will simply be out of a job. They need poverty to remain. That is their very source of becoming saints, holier than thou.

I don't say to my people, "Go and serve the poor." Service, to me, is not a beautiful word. I say to my people, "If you have something, share it. But remember one thing: there is no reward beyond it. Sharing, enjoy -- that is the reward. If you pull out somebody who is drowning in a well, that's a great joy. What more reward do you want? You saved a life; you should be immensely happy. The reward is in the act itself and the punishment also in the act itself They are not extrinsic, they are intrinsic."

But all these religions have been telling people the reward is somewhere far away -- beyond death, and punishment, too. Neither can it be proved, nor can it be disproved; hence their business goes on and on, and mediocre people go on following it. If all these religions disappear two things are possible: either the poor will die out of poverty... Ethiopia will disappear. So what? -- it is better that Ethiopia disappears from the earth, rather than thousands of people dying in hunger. And in hunger you don't die in a day; a man can live hungry for three months. He will become just a skeleton, and what is the point of these three months of torture?

So, there are two alternatives if all these great servants of people don't interfere. Either countries like Ethiopia, India, other poor countries will disappear.... Let them disappear. This earth cannot manage so many people.

Source - Osho Book "The last Testament, Vol 1"

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