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Osho on LSD experiences - Unless all these experiences cease, you cannot transcend the mind

Question - During my LSD experiences I saw a particular sequence of colors: saffron, then yellow, then white, then a deep blue. What do these colors mean?

Osho - There is some meaning to it, but the order is always different for different people. Still, it has a meaning. Colors, perfumes, sounds -- everything has a meaning.

The first thing to be noted is this: as you go deeply inward, each of your senses has a corresponding inner manifestation. For example, your eyes. They see what is without, but when you close your eyes you are able to see that which is within. The essence of every outward experience is also stored within; all your senses have reservoirs of experience stored in your mind. When you travel inward, these reservoirs will be encountered. When you come to the reservoir of colors you will see beautiful colors such as you have never seen before with your eyes. These are the essence of all your past experience of colors.

It is just as when a painter paints a beautiful woman. It is not any particular woman -- he has seen so many women. His painting portrays the essence of them all. All that he has seen, all that he has known, is being depicted in this one figure. Something in the woman is from one source and something else is from another source, but the particular figure itself is nowhere to be found. It is not imaginary and yet it is nowhere to be found. It is authentic because it has been taken from experience, and yet it is just an image: it is both real and unreal.

Osho on LSD experiences

Our senses have stored all the experiences not only of this life but of all the lives that we have lived. These essences remain in us. The eyes have stored colors, light, etcetera; the ears have stored sounds, harmonies, silences, etcetera. All the senses have their own storerooms within the brain.

Now even science confirms this: if you touch a particular brain cell with an electrode the brain cell will explode. A person who falls down may see stars if the particular brain cells which store light experiences are affected by the fall. Your memories can be affected by the touch of an electrode. If I touch a cell in which the memory of your childhood is stored you will again become a child and everything that you experienced as a child will be replayed on the canvas of the mind.

When you go inward, these essences explode within you and you experience many things which are unknown in the outward world in such a pure form. The outward world is always impure, but inward experience is a pure essence; it is just an electrical phenomenon. Because the phenomenon is just energy, it is pure. Nothing obstructs it; it is transparent.

But don't take these experiences seriously. They are only meaningful insofar as they are indications that you are going deep. They are only part of the scenery on the way, they are not the destination itself. When you really reach deep within there will be no experiences -- neither of light nor of sound nor of anything else.

Unless all these experiences cease, you cannot transcend the mind. These experiences are just the psyche displaying the accumulation of what it has preserved throughout endless lives. That is why each person will feel different things: each one has a different accumulated past, so each one will have a different orientation as far as his senses are concerned.

Two days ago someone with no sense of taste came to see me. He has never known what taste means so he cannot experience taste deep within himself. There are people who are blind or colorblind -- in fact, one person in twelve is colorblind: he sees everything else, but he cannot see one particular color.

Bernard Shaw, for example, could not make any distinction between yellow and green. He was colorblind as far as yellow was concerned, so in his inner experiences he could never see yellow. There was no reservoir of the color yellow in him; there was no essence of yellow. He had never seen it, so to him it was nonexistent.

We do not see every color. The seven colors that we can see are not all the colors that exist -- beyond those seven we are colorblind. Below and beyond these seven colors are infinite ranges of colors. We have not seen them so we will not experience them in our inner journey. All that is felt or experienced is what we have stored within us of the outer world.

If a musician goes into meditation he will experience sounds that a nonmusician can never know. A painter will experience colors that a nonpainter can never know. If someone like Van Gogh were to go into meditation, we cannot conceive of the colors he would see or what new combinations he would know.

This, too, will differ from individual to individual. Only one thing is certain: when you go deep within on your own inner path, things will begin to happen. You will have experiences of colors, sounds, smells, which are all stored experiences. The whole mind is a storehouse and every cell is a bundle of experiences ready to explode. Go inside, touch the source, and it will explode.

These experiences are meaningful in as much as they indicate that you are moving inward. But because the feeling that you have experienced is lovely, the mind will long to cling to it. You will want to repeat it and that will be a hindrance to further progress.
A state of mind is to be reached where there is no experience. Rather than saying a state of mind with no experiences, you can say a state of mind in which one experiences nothingness. Experience itself is the last barrier. One must come to a point where one is, and there is no experience.

Only when experiencing has ceased does duality cease. When you are experiencing something, duality is still there. You are there, so the experience is there -- something without is there. Even if you experience oneness with the world, this experience is part of duality.

When meditation comes to a full flowering, there will be no experience at all. You will be, and just being is the experience. Nothing exists -- only your being, only your existence. And when there is no experience, the experiencer explodes. He can exist only in opposition to some experience. When the object is not, the subject itself explodes -- there is no subject, no object. Only then is the existential achieved. Only then can you say God is. You are not and the world is not. God is! That very isness is God. But these experiences will come. They are not meaningful, but they will come.

Source - Osho Book "The Great Challenge"

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