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Swami Rajneesh Horoscope Analysis by Deva Deep

Swami Rajneesh is born on Calcutta, 20 january 1961 at 3.05 am

Deva Deeo Analysis of Swami Rajneesh Horoscope:

Neptune influence

Rajneesh has an exceptional strong and beautiful spiritual (Neptune) influence, especially on his soul (Moon) level. This means he is very sensitive and receptive for this kind of spiritual energies. In such a case it is VERY important to be around a Master in a Buddha field or to be at sacred places in nature like he did in splendid nature of the Himalayas. It looks like his soul has also chosen for some difficult transformation lessons, because he has the most difficult Pluto-Moon aspect. As I have seen in many other cases this causes strong power struggles, situations with psychological or physical attacks, life threatening dangers and even murder are common. Rajneesh experienced some of it in and around the Poona ashram. But luckily he withdrew also a lot in nature in this period to find a precarious balance. In this way the strong regenerative power of Pluto-Moon could do its work. One difficult Mercury-Neptune aspect indicates that there is a danger of being cheated, especially in business deals with Indians. This happened two times in his life.

Saturn aspects

With Rajneesh strong Neptune energy very good Saturn aspect are (in this case even literally) life saving. It helps the body to adjust to this enormous transformation and helps also to bring this energy to the earth. His beautiful Venus-Neptune aspect, combined with his great Venus-Saturn aspect gave him all the creative, artistic vision and the ability to put this out in the world, which he did with many creative, artistic projects. Combined with fine Jupiter aspects this has been destined to become huge successful, as he proved many times. Blessed One!

Jupiter aspects - Ninth harmonics

Rajneesh beautiful Jupiter aspects have put him under the protection of the Gods. This he really needed in the hostile power tripping environment of some leaders and therapists of the Poona ashram. Because Jupiter is also the planet of the Master, he has been protected also by his Master Osho and has also the potential to become a Master himself in his own right. This is emphasized by a strong ninth harmonics between his sun and moon.

Uranus aspects

His Uranus energy is fine balanced. Because a strong Uranus energy would have been too much in his case. Especially the seventh harmonics between Mars and Uranus is a ‘golden’ aspect for the creative projects as the watch design he did.

The pyramid aspect

Rajneesh has an unusual, but probably more powerful form of the pyramid aspect. Six ‘planets’ are working in a very good way together: sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This creates almost unlimited possibilities.

These are the main aspects, of course there is a lot more to say, but this is not relevant in this case. As proven several times before, astrology done in a scientific way is a very accurate method to describe a person’s life.

Source - Spiritual Astrology by Deva Deep

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