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Osho Wisdom Stories

  1. Desires
  2. Golden Bed
  3. The Way Out
  4. Spend Thrift's
  5. Three Old Men
  6. Holy Scriptures
  7. Buddha's brother
  8. Truth is what Work
  9. A great King, Yayati
  10. Alexander & Diogenes
  11. Thread becomes Bridge
  12. Giver should be thankful
  13. Lao Tzu and His Donkey
  14. The scorpion & the Sage
  15. Donkey's Common Sense
  16. Jalauddin Rumi & Students
  17. Meditation transform Anger
  18. Goddess of Beauty Ugliness
Thread becomes the bridge

Osho : There is a Sufi tale: Becoming angry with his prime minister, a king had him confined in a very high tower with no way to escape; if he tried to jump he would surely be killed. The king did not know it, but on his way to the tower the prime minister had whispered something in his wifeís ear. On the very first night she came and left an ordinary insect on the tower wall. She applied a little honey to its antennae and the insect began to climb up the tower in search of the honey, but she had also tied a thin silk thread to its tail.

Slowly the insect climbed the three hundred feet of the tower where the minister was waiting for it. He grabbed at the silk thread to which the wife had tied a string, and to the string she had tied a cord, and attached to the cord was a strong rope. The minister pulled till he had the rope in hand, and with its help he climbed down from the tower. The story states that not only did the minister escape the prison, but he also discovered the means to escape from lifeís ultimate prison.

If even the thinnest, weakest thread comes to hand, there is no difficulty in attaining liberation. The weakest thread can pave the way to beatitude, but the thread must come to hand. A slight ray, once recognized, can lead to the sun. All religions, all gurus, have reached God by catching hold of one thin thread or other. These threads are many, and can be tied to many kinds of insect. It isnít necessary to smear the insectís antennae with honey; you can apply anything that tempts the insect to climb to the prisoner. The thread becomes the bridge.

Source: "The True Name, Vol 2 "  - Osho