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Osho Wisdom Stories

  1. Desires
  2. Golden Bed
  3. The Way Out
  4. Spend Thrift's
  5. Three Old Men
  6. Holy Scriptures
  7. Buddha's brother
  8. Truth is what Work
  9. A great King, Yayati
  10. Alexander & Diogenes
  11. Thread becomes Bridge
  12. Giver should be thankful
  13. Lao Tzu and His Donkey
  14. The scorpion & the Sage
  15. Donkey's Common Sense
  16. Jalauddin Rumi & Students
  17. Meditation transform Anger
  18. Goddess of Beauty Ugliness
Spend Thrift's

Osho : A man of freedom is free of the past. And the man of freedom is also free of the future, because you don’t know what is going to happen the next moment. How can you go on desiring?...

An old man was dying. He was a Jew; and his four sons, who used to live in different houses, were of course immensely rich people. Hearing that their father was dying, they rushed to him. The father was dying, taking his last breath on the bed, and just sitting by the side of the bed, the sons started discussing how to take his body to the graveyard. Their concern was not the father – a few minutes more and he would be gone, forever; there was no possibility of their meeting or recognizing each other again... but that was not their concern.

They were concerned about: ”When he dies, how are we going to transport his body?”

The youngest boy suggested, ”He always wanted to have a Rolls Royce. And he has enough money, we have enough money; there is no need for him to suffer and repress an innocent desire. So at least we should bring a Rolls Royce to carry his body to the graveyard. In his life he missed, but at least in death he will have the Rolls Royce.”

The second boy said, ”You are too young and you don’t understand matters concerning money. It is a sheer wastage. He is dead – whether you take him in a Rolls Royce or in a truck does not matter to him. He will not be able to know, so why waste money?” And it was not much money either, just to hire a Rolls Royce taxi. It was not a question of purchasing it. He said, ”My suggestion is that a cheap truck will do as efficiently as any Rolls Royce – for the dead it makes no difference.”

The third boy said, ”You are also still immature. Why bother about a truck, when the municipal corporation truck takes, free of charge, any beggar who dies? Just put him out on the road! In the morning the municipal truck, with all kinds of rubbish, will take him for free. Give him a free ride! And what does it matter to a dead man whether it is a municipal truck or a hired truck or a Rolls Royce?”

At that very moment the old man opened his eyes and said, ”Where are my shoes?” They were puzzled, ”What are you going to do with shoes? Why waste a pair of shoes? Anyway you are going to die.” He said, ”I’m still alive and perhaps have a few more breaths. Just bring the shoes; I will walk to the graveyard. That is the cheapest and the sanest way. You are all extravagant, spendthrift.”

People may have money, and the money becomes their fetter. People may have prestige, and the prestige becomes their fetters. It seems the whole past of humanity has been improving on how to make better chains, but even if a chain is made of gold, it is still a chain. Freedom on the outside is just the politician’s continuous deceiving of the whole humanity. Freedom is your individual affair.

It is totally subjective. If you have thrown out all the rubbish of the past and all the desires and ambitions for the future, this very moment you are free – just like a bird on the wing, the whole sky is yours. Perhaps even thesky is not the limit. 

Source: from book "The Messiah, Volume 2" by Osho