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Stories on Sexuality

  1. Annamalai Swami
  2. Swami Vivekananda
  3. Inner flowering of a monk
  4. Two monks crossing river

Stories of Sexual Desire Troubling Seekers

Sexuality is one of major hurdle in the path of Truth. many times seekers face this problem. Here are some stories where Seekers have transcend their sexuality. Transcending Sexuality means transforming the energy to higher form - From Lust to Love and From Love to Prayer.

Some Key points which can help in Transforming the energy are -

  1. Basically energy needs an outlet - a expression. If every our life is creative then energy gets transforms on its own. pursure some creative activity or hobby.
  2. If we are feeling too much negative - it could be any thing like Sexuality or Frustration or Depression, then Rapid Exhalation of Breathing will help in clearing out the energy from us. Breath is a very vital link. All emotions can be changed by changing the Quality of  Breathing.
  3. One Osho Meditation for Sexuality is - When ever you feel sexual then close your eyes and look Upwards. Now Exhale the Breath but don't inhale as long as you can do it Comfortably.  After few seconds when you Inhale then don't Exhale as long as you can retain the Breath comfortably. Repeat this process with eyes closed and looking upwards few times and it will move the energy to upper chakras.
  4. Read Jiddu Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi - They talks Straight and direct. Why We are looking outwards for pleasure. find out the cause of it?