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Stories on our Conditioning

  1. The Ghost
  2. Jesus and Priest
  3. Mahavir and Prince
  4. This too is a dream
  5. Gautam Buddha on God
  6. Gurdjieff - Sleep of Man
  7. Guru Nanak Dev in Kaaba
  8. Brahmin fooled by thieves
  9. Osho on Faith and Beliefs




 Stories on Belief and Conditioning

Our Mental Conditioning Plays a very important role in our Behavior and thinking Pattern. To be bound by Mind conditioning is to close your life with some fix patterns.

In Spirituality One has to go Beyond the Mind and drop the Beliefs and Dogmas. Belief system is an Unnecessary weight which we carry with us all the time. One has to be spontaneous and light in Life. Our Life should be spontaneous and Guided by The Voice of our Soul rather than of the Society.