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[The sannyasin says he belonged to a group which studied Alice Bailey... ]

Osho - A good author but without any experience... a very good author. If you have not experienced it, you might almost believe that he has experienced, he is such a good author, has a rare quality. Because if you have not experienced it, to write in that way is very difficult... but he has done that.

In the past hundred years there have been a few very rare authors; he is one of them: a man who has no experience but has great understanding -- intellectual. It is so deep an intellectual understanding that only an experienced man can feel that he has not seen it. Sometimes it happens -- because to write is, in itself, a great art.

For example, you have experienced me but you may not be a good author, your description may be poor. You talk to somebody who is really an artist; he has not seen me and he has not been with me. You talk to him and he takes fragments from you, elaborates on them, creates a kind of system. His writing may be far more valuable than your writing... as far as writing is concerned. He may be more logical, more penetrating, more appealing if he has the art, but still something will be missing -- that will be in your writing. Something essential will be missing in his writing. On the surface he will do everything that he can. It will be a lamp without a flame. But for those who have not seen the flame, even the lamp is more than enough. Once you have seen the flame then you will know whether the lamp is lit or not.

Bailey is one of those beautiful authors, another is Leadbeater, another is Rudolph Steiner. These hundred years have seen many people. This is one of the most intellectual ages in history. Our approach is intellectual; we go through the intellect. And if somebody is very articulate, he can create such a picture that you will feel that he has been there; he has been in that space.

But Bailey can be helpful because whatsoever fragments he has gathered from other sources are all valuable. He himself may not have experienced, but he has some contact with sources where the experience has happened. He is making fragments available to people which are true, but only as fragments. One fragment that he has taken from one source is true, another fragment from another source is true... but all the fragments taken together are not true. You follow me? All the fragments taken together as an organic unity are not true.

The same is happening in the Arica movement. They have taken fragments from many sources, and all alive sources. Each technique in itself is right -- nothing is wrong about it. Taken separately, each is true. Put together with all the other techniques there is no whole; there is no centre that holds them all in one. They are all eclectic; they don't have any soul.

It is as if you have cut somebody's hand and somebody's head and somebody's leg and somebody's body, and then you put all the fragments together. You can sew them together so perfectly that the body looks whole; somebody can be deceived -- but the soul is missing! The hands had been alive when they were with their source, the head had been alive when it was with its source, and so every fragment had been alive, had come from an alive man. But now it is no more alive and there is no centre that holds them together.

Good, Bailey is good -- he has brought you here -- but he is not a master. But these people are also needed; the world needs all kinds of people. The world needs teachers too; he is a good teacher. And this is the distinction that I make: a master is one who has known himself. He may not be a good teacher, he may be -- that depends. There have been many masters who were not good teachers, they were not very articulate: as far as teaching was concerned, they were poor people. But they knew the experience. There are teachers who are not masters. They teach perfectly well but they have not known themselves. It is very rarely that a man is both a master and a teacher. When a man is both a master and a teacher -- when he has known and has the capacity to make it known to you -- that is a rare phenomenon. Bailey is a good teacher.... But teachers are needed. By and by through the teachers you move towards the masters.

Source - Osho Book "Don't Just Do Something, Sit There"

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