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Question - Is it possible for Man to Live without God?

Osho - Yes. In fact, it is only possible for man to live without God. A man with God does not live, he hesitates on every point of living, he is just half-hearted.

He is making love and worried about hell. How can he love a woman when the Bible goes on saying that the woman is the gateway to hell? He is making love, and thinking about the Bible and the sermon on Sunday: "The woman is the gateway to hell. What are you doing?" So neither can he love, nor can he live without love. God has made man very schizophrenic, half-hearted in everything.

Osho on life without God

You are earning money, and at the same time you know that your greed is a sin. If you don't earn money you starve. Your whole nature rebels against starvation, forces you to earn something to feed yourself. Nature pulls one way, God and his representatives pull you the other way. You are in a strange position.

In Hindi we have a beautiful proverb. In India donkeys are used by the washerman to carry clothes to the river. And then after the washing he again puts the clothes on the donkey and takes them to every house he collected them from in the morning. So the proverb is: "Your life is just like the donkey of a washerman." He is never at the house nor even at the river, always in between, going from the house to the river, going from the river to the house.

The washerman's donkey simply means schizophrenia. You are always half in every act, but because the whole humanity is schizophrenic you don't realize it. You love but you hate the same person you love. What has created this hate? It is because you love this woman, and this woman is the gateway to hell. You are bound to hate her too. You make friends in the evening, by the morning you become enemies. You go on moving away and you go on coming together. This goes on continuously -- the washerman's donkey.
You are asking, "Is it possible for man to live without God?" It is only possible WITHOUT God to live totally, to live meditatively, to live fully.

Sigmund Freud's statement is worth remembering. Because he worked his whole life on sex, he thought sex was the root of all problems. But he never understood that it is not sex that is the problem, it is the suppression of sex that is the problem. The priest is the problem, the God is the problem, the holy scriptures are the problem; sex is not the problem.

Sex is such a simple thing. All the animals are enjoying sex; none of them go to the couch of a psychoanalyst. I have never met any animal going to the psychiatrist because he is feeling schizophrenic. They are all living and enjoying, there is no problem.

The pagans lived very joyously before religions, particularly Christianity, destroyed them from the earth. They had no idea of any sin. They loved women, they danced, they drank, they played music. Their whole life was sheer joy.

But Sigmund Freud has this one statement I was going to tell you about: "The priests cannot destroy sex." But they have succeeded in poisoning it. They could not succeed in destroying sex, otherwise there would have been no humanity. Sex is there, but they have destroyed the joy in it, they have made it a great sin. So you are committing the sin, and you think the woman is the cause.

The reality is totally different; it is God. But as God is only a fiction he cannot do anything. The priest is the representative, the spokesman of God, who goes on creating all kinds of guilt feelings in you. Those guilt feelings don't allow you to live. Everything is wrong, everything is a sin.

So your question, "Is it possible for man to live without God?" -- I say unto you, it is only possible for man to live if he is without God. But this is only half. The fictitious God has to be replaced by an actual experience of truth in meditation; otherwise you will go insane.

Source - Osho Book "God is Dead, Now Zen is the only Living Truth"

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