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Swami Brahma Vedant

Swami Brahma Vedant is an Enlightened Sannyasin of Osho who is helping seekers on the path of truth. Swami Brahma Vedant is not much known to general public as there is not much information available about him on the internet and His ashram is also located in a far away region in  the Gujarat State of India. But I have heard His Live Discourses and Quotes can be subscribed in cellphone in Gujarat. Recently, a New website has been launched on Swami Brahma Vedant

Swami Brahma Vedant's ashram 'Osho Anand Sannyas' is located in Madhavpur which is approximately 4 hours from Porbandar district. This is a remote village in Gujarat, India. There is no mandatory fee for staying in the ashram. Its mostly run on donation system. One can donate money as per his convenience and its alright if some one does not have money.

One is free to do any work in the ashram and mostly people wake up early to do their work. Swami Brahma Vedant himself wakes up at 6 am and start his daily work. There is a Buddha hall and lot of construction is going on. Although the Ashram is in a remote part of Gujarat but it is one of the most beautiful and big Osho ashram in India.

A detailed article about life in the ashram is published at sannyasworld website.

Swami Brahma Vedant Free Audio Discourses in Gujarati Language

Address - Osho Anand Sannyas Ashram
Madhavpur, Ghed, Porbandar, Gujarat, India 362230
Contact Person: Ma Veet Asakti or Ma Swati
e-Mail: [email protected]
telephone: 0091-286-2272551/2272531/0091-9979882699